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Blackbeards Booty
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Attention: To all Pirates and Wenches alike, a new age in rum is coming!

Gone be the days of drinking rum so poor in taste n' quality that you'd rather swallow yer sword than drink it straight.

Lowered the standards of quality have been, raised they will be again! No longer will you need to mix " Private Stock "  rums with lesser drink just so you can stomach them.

Blackbeard returns! His hull be a burstin' with booty, the finest sipping rums the world has ever seen.

Blackbeard's Booty QAR Gold, a 7 year naturally aged Gold rum that goes down so smooth you'll want to be drinkin' it straight from the bottle itself.

Blackbeard's Booty Java Rum, a 7 year naturally aged Sipping rum. Infused with Coffee, sure to bring rum lovin' Pirates n' coffee lovin' Landlubbers together and make Scallywags of us all!!!

Coming to a port near you, Blackbeard's Booty Rum!


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